What to Expect in Augmented Reality Adult Games

Tech advancements in the entertainment industry are growing at an exponential scale. There used to be a time when the scantily-clad yet pixelated Lara Croft was considered sexy. Back then, that was enough for young boys who couldn’t get their hands-on porn. Today, however, game graphics these days are so advanced that it can be easy to mistake a virtual woman with a real one!

Watching porn via channels like PornHub VR is a whole new experience that porn enthusiasts are trying. Pornhub VR allows you to immerse yourself in the moment. You’re not just looking at girls on a flat screen – you’re seeing them as if they were right there in front of you. You can choose your own POV and explore all sorts of angles you wouldn’t otherwise see outside of virtual reality.

From Watching VR Porn to Playing VR Porn

When VR technology hit the market, it was only a matter of time before adult VR games started popping up. After all, the porn industry always follows and influences all sorts of different media trends. It helped VHS win the war against Betamax all those years ago. It aided in the propagation of DVD as a viable format in the late 90s. It abetted streaming as the Internet grew. Now, VR is the new technology on the horizon. After all, POV porn can only do so much. If you’re a gamer that wants to have to have adventures beyond the standard decidedly less safe than “plumber saves princess”, then these adult games are for you.

Unlike simply watching VR porn, playing adult VR games is way more intuitive. For starters, you’re not just passively watching sexy ladies fawning over you and showing you a good time. You actually get some semblance of control over what you can do and what you can make them do.

One of the best-made adult VR games on the market is Fallen Doll. It features top-of-the line tech that can almost convince you that the women are real.

But let’s say you’re a more romantic guy who wants to woo the girl of your dreams before going further. If you want a story-based adult VR game, we have to recommend VR Kanojo. This game gives you the dating sim experience. You start off by meeting your beautiful neighbor. Then you start playing the dutiful boyfriend. After a couple of dates (or just one if you’re really good), you finally get more intimate. So how’s that for a truly realistic VR experience?

Now watching VR porn with badly-made characters can feel pretty lame. There are times when you want to see familiar characters instead of templates of pretty girls. A great combo of fun gameplay, girls, and characters you already know is Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. In the game, you’ll be hanging out with an array of beautiful girls.

People are looking to explore new horizons in terms of adult content. They want to see amazing graphics. They want to be the sweet boyfriend to the cute girl of their dreams. VR is starting to make this happen. As technology improves, experiences will become more immersive, and the sky is the limit.