What is the ATOC Gaming Gun?

ATOC stands for Advanced Tactical Oriented Controller. It is a Guncontroller that enables a most realistic gaming experience for First Person Shooters.

Its unique handling makes it stand out from all other Guncontrollers for PC, XboX360 or Playstation3 and it opens up new possibilities for a challenging, tactical and teamwork oriented gameplay.

What's so special about it?

To begin with, in order to start your gaming experience with the ATOC you have to get up from your desk chair and make a bit of space where you can stand. If you're coming home after a day of work and you want to relax while gaming you are free to to that. But the ATOC is not meant for that. It's more like a training session because even if the weight of the ATOC will be optimized, after a hour of gaming your arms could get heavy. In addition to reactions and rationalness your stamina will also be trained.

How to operate this thing?

Operating it is intuitive and easy to use. The movement is controlled with the analog stick and interactions like sprint, weapon change, melee etc. is all handled with over 20 customizable buttons. Because the monitor is mounted on the gun, you aim in the direction where you want to go or shoot at your targets. If the target is behind you, turn around. You want to climb the ladder up? Look up and move. To receive an impression of the gameplay look in the Videos section.

The screen is undersized, isn't it?

At the first view the screen seems undersized. But the fact that your head is not even 10 inches away from the screen makes a 12 inch Field of View largely enough.

Is it like Virtual Reality?

The terms mixed reality or augmented virtuality are more suitable for the ATOC Gaming Gun. You are interacting physically with a virtual world.

If i can't buy the ATOC here, what's the point of this Website?

At moment the ATOC is a preproduction model and a lot of features have to be added and improved. To optimize the Hardware and Software of the ATOC more research must be done. The process of development and completion needs a lot of time and money. Development, material procurement, production and many other obstacles related to all this are going beyond our financial framework.

That's why we are presenting our project on this website to the gaming community. Soon we will start a funding campaign on indiegogo to make the ATOC Gaming Gun available for everyone who wants it. Subscribe our Newsletter and mail us your thoughts and suggestions. Also, if you like the idea spread the word on your favourite social platform and tell your friends about it. With your help we can make it a reality.